Suppliers of Labm

    1. YourgeneHealth:
      1. YourgeneHealth specializes in Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT) with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). They offer a portfolio of screening products for reproductive healthcare and personalized medicine.
      2. IONA® Test Kit:
        1. Size: 24 tests
        2. Catalog Number: YGH-IONA-24
      3. Ranger® cfDNA Sample Preparation Kit:
        1. Size: 50 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: YGH-Ranger-50
    2. AltemisLab:
      1. AltemisLab offers comprehensive products for automated sample storage and biobanking solutions, specializing in the design of tubes marked with 2D codes for sample storage.
      2. 2D-Coded Storage Tubes:
        1. Size: 1.5 mL, Pack of 500
        2. Catalog Number: ALT-ST-1.5-500
      3. Tube Decapping System:
        1. Size: Single Unit
        2. Catalog Number: ALT-DCS-SU
    3. Healgen Scientific:
      1. Healgen Scientific specializes in the production of quality immunoanalytical tests, providing high-quality products and services to diagnostic laboratories and biotechnology research and development organizations.
      2. Influenza A/B Rapid Antigen Test Kit:
        1. Size: 25 tests
        2. Catalog Number: HSG-FLUAB-25
      3. COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit:
        1. Size: 20 tests
        2. Catalog Number: HSG-COVIGGIGM-20
    4. AMD:
      1. AMD manufactures molecular diagnostic kits for detecting genetic mutations, respiratory, infectious, and sexually transmitted diseases, including a measles detection kit.
      2. Genetic Mutation Detection Kit:
        1. Size: 100 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: AMD-GM100
      3. Respiratory Pathogen Panel:
        1. Size: 96 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: AMD-RPP96
    5. Applied Biological Materials (ABM):
      1. ABM supplies cell cultures, vectors for gene and virus expression, products for molecular biology and PCR, CRISPR and RNAi technology, antibodies, and basic material components for molecular genetic laboratory processes.
      2. Mammalian Cell Culture Media:
        1. Size: 500 mL
        2. Catalog Number: ABM-CCM500
      3. CRISPR Cas9 Plasmid Kit:
        1. Size: 10 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: ABM-CRISPR10
    6. GenePath Diagnostics:
      1. GenePath Diagnostics provides modern in vitro diagnostic techniques in molecular biology, offering affordable and innovative diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases, cancer, and genetic disorders.
      2. Multiplex PCR Kit for Infectious Diseases:
        1. Size: 50 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: GPD-MPCRID-50
      3. Cancer Biomarker Detection Kit:
        1. Size: 25 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: GPD-CANCER25
    7. BioMaxima:
      1. BioMaxima manufactures microbiological soils, media, plates, antibiotics, reagents, and equipment for in vitro diagnostics, holding ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and 17025:2018-02 quality management system certificates.
      2. Nutrient Agar Plates:
        1. Size: Pack of 10
        2. Catalog Number: BMX-NAP-10
      3. Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Kit:
        1. Size: 50 tests
        2. Catalog Number: BMX-AST-50
    8. Nerbe plus GmbH:
      1. Nerbe plus GmbH specializes in plastic consumables for microbiology and clinical and diagnostic laboratories, producing injection molding machines made in Germany and operating in special clean rooms.
      2. Disposable Petri Dishes:
        1. Size: 90 mm, Pack of 20
        2. Catalog Number: NPG-DPD-90-20
      3. Pipette Tips:
        1. Size: 1000 µL, Pack of 500
        2. Catalog Number: NPG-PT-1000-500
    9. Jiangsu Mole Bioscience Co., Ltd.:
      1. Jiangsu Mole Bioscience produces in vitro diagnostic reagents, including inactivating and non-inactivating nasopharyngeal sampling sets, swab brushes, antigenic Covid-19 tests, and rapid tests for Covid-19 antibodies.
      2. Nasopharyngeal Sampling Set:
        1. Size: Pack of 100
        2. Catalog Number: JMB-NPSS-100
      3. Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit:
        1. Size: 25 tests
        2. Catalog Number: JMB-COVAB-25
    10. TruPCR Europe:
      1. TruPCR Europe manufactures high-quality qPCR and NGS molecular diagnostics products, offering kits for the detection of oncological diseases, coagulation disorders, resistance to antibiotics, viral, bacterial, and protozoal infections.
      2. qPCR Kit for Oncological Diseases:
        1. Size: 50 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: TRU-ONCQPCR-50
      3. NGS Panel for Antibiotic Resistance Genes:
        1. Size: 24 reactions
        2. Catalog Number: TRU-ARG-24

Suppliers of Gentaur

    1. Screen (Clonit srl):
      • Product Name: Genetic Disease Diagnosis Kit
        • Size: 50 reactions
        • Catalog Number: SCR-GDDK-50
      • Product Name: Infectious Disease Detection Kit
        • Size: 96 reactions
        • Catalog Number: SCR-IDDK-96
    2. Ziath:
      • Product Name: 2D Barcode Tubes
        • Size: 1.0 mL, Pack of 1000
        • Catalog Number: ZIA-BCT-1.0-1000
      • Product Name: Tube Handling Robot
        • Size: Single Unit
        • Catalog Number: ZIA-THR-SU
    3. PaxGenBio Co., Ltd.:
      • Product Name: Infectious Disease Multiplex PCR Kit
        • Size: 50 reactions
        • Catalog Number: PXB-IDMP-50
      • Product Name: Cancer Biomarker ULFA Assay Kit
        • Size: 25 reactions
        • Catalog Number: PXB-CBUA-25
    4. Biologix:
      • Product Name: Cryo Tubes
        • Size: 2.0 mL, Pack of 500
        • Catalog Number: BIO-CT-2.0-500
      • Product Name: Cell Culture Flask
        • Size: T-75, Pack of 10
        • Catalog Number: BIO-CCF-T75-10
      • Product Name: High Multiplex qPCR Kit for Hepatitis B/C
        • Size: 50 reactions
        • Catalog Number: GMX-HMQHB/C-50
      • Product Name: Respiratory Infection Panel
        • Size: 96 reactions
        • Catalog Number: GMX-RIP-96
    6. Ustar Biotechnologies:
      • Product Name: Fully Automatic Molecular Diagnostic System
        • Size: Single Unit
        • Catalog Number: USB-FAMDS-SU
      • Product Name: EasyNAT® Respiratory Testing Kit

Ustar Biotechnologies

Founded in 2005, Ustar is a leading total solution provider for POCT molecular diagnostics and has been focused on research and innovation in rapid nucleic acid diagnostic technologies for over 15 years. More than 200 employees work for the company and it supplies its products to more than 1,000 hospitals and institutions in the country. The main vision is to be a unique international biotechnology company in the field of rapid molecular detection and diagnostics. To this end, they are dedicated to building POCT systems so that rapid molecular diagnostics can be performed anywhere, not only at all levels of healthcare facilities, but also in public spaces and companies. The flagship product of POCT molecular diagnostics is a fully automatic molecular diagnostic system for the implementation of one-step tests "sample in, result out", without the need to use a professional laboratory. Ustar's expanding portfolio of EasyNAT® tests covers a range of clinical applications, including respiratory testing, nosocomial infections, reproductive health, animal diagnostics.