Product Ranges

Lab M´s extensive range of microbiological culture media, supplements, immunomagnetic separation techniques and proficiency testing systems are used in laboratories around the world.

While our development of microbiology media that meet ISO requirements for microbiological testing in the food industry means we are especially well known in that sector, Lab Materials and Media products are used in all areas of microbiology and include:

  1. Dehydrated Culture Media
  2. Harlequin Chromogenic Media
  3. Anaerobe Isolation Media
  4. Captivate™ Immunomagnetic Separation
  5. µPREP™ Ready-to-Reconstitute Media
  6. Dehydrated Culture Media
  7. Dehydrated Culture Media
  8. Lab M is renowned for our quality products and extensive range of dehydrated culture media
  9. Harmonised Pharmacopoeia (USP/EP/JP)
  10. Pinnacle™ Pre-poured Plates 
  11. Pinnacle™ Pre-poured Plates
  12. We offer an expanding range of ready-to-use prepared media plates.
  13. µPREP™
  14. Lab M offers µPREP ready-to-reconstitute media bags for Buffered Peptone Water (BPW) and Half Fraser Bro
  15. Captivate™
  16. Captivate™
  17. Captivate™ is a range of antibody coated paramagnetic particles for the specific immunomagnetic sepa

Peptones are often used in mammalian cell culture as substitutes, or supplements to amino acids.

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Supplements & Additives

Supplements & Additives

We offer an extensive range of media supplements and additives to complement our dehydr

Identification & Confirmation 

Identification & Confirmation

Lab M is pleased to offer a complementary range of products for the identification

Dehydrated culture media play a crucial role in microbiology, offering a powdered form of nutritional components essential for the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi. These media are extensively utilized in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals, biotech industries, and research institutes for culturing cells for isolation, identification, and the production of secondary metabolites like antibiotics, enzymes, and pigments. The concentration of components in dehydrated culture media is carefully formulated to support in vitro cultivation effectively.

These media are used for checking microbial flora in diverse samples like tablets, milk, water, food, and air, enabling the identification of microbes at the species level. Dehydrated culture media are available in simple or complex formulations and are crucial for microbe culture cultivation. They facilitate healthy colony growth, specific functions of microbes, and rapid detection. Various companies like Micromaster offer a range of dehydrated culture media including simple media and selective/differential media tailored for the cultivation of different microbes.

In laboratories and research settings, dehydrated culture media are fast-dissolving powders that come premixed for quick preparation. Companies like Merck Millipore provide a wide array of innovative dehydrated media options to support microbiological research. These media are essential tools for cultivating and isolating microorganisms for research purposes across a broad spectrum of applications.

Plant-based culture media