Product Code: MPB001

Ready-to-reconstitute salmonellae enrichment media.

Formulated to ISO 6579, Buffered Peptone Water (ISO) is a pre-enrichment medium designed to help sublethally damaged salmonellae recover before introducing them into a selective medium. This nutrient medium is free from inhibitors and is well buffered to maintain pH 7.0 for the incubation period. Sublethal injury to salmonellae occurs in many food processes and this pre-enrichment step greatly increases recovery of these organisms.

µPREP™ BPW (ISO) is supplied as a ready-to-reconstitute bag, sufficient for the preparation of 20 litres BPW (ISO). µPREP™ bags are connected to a reverse osmosis (RO)/deionised water supply and the water is sterilised as it is pumped via a membrane filter into the bag.

To view the µPREP™ video visit http://bit.ly/LabMBPW.

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  • Salmonella

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