Progesterone Research Tools for the Inquisitive Scientist

Progesterone, a multifaceted steroid hormone, orchestrates a symphony of biological processes in reproduction, metabolism, and the nervous system. Unraveling its complex mechanisms requires a keen eye and the right tools. Fortunately, researchers have access to a powerful arsenal – ELISA kits and specific antibodies. This blog highlights these essential tools for your progesterone research journey, along with a trusted supplier to elevate your scientific exploration.

Essential Gear for Progesterone Investigations:


  • Progesterone ELISA Kit: This cornerstone kit quantifies progesterone levels with exceptional precision in various samples like serum, plasma, and cell culture media. Ideal for studying hormone fluctuations during pregnancy, menstrual cycles, and in response to external stimuli. (Available here)
  • Progesterone Receptor ELISA Kit: Progesterone's effects rely on its receptors. This kit detects active progesterone receptors in cells, offering insights into cellular responsiveness to hormonal signaling. (Available here)
  • Phosphor Serine Progesterone Receptor ELISA Kit: For a deeper dive, this specialized kit targets a specific phosphorylation site on the progesterone receptor. Investigate the intricate mechanisms regulating receptor activity and downstream signaling pathways. (Available here)
  • Camel Progesterone (Progesterone) ELISA Kit: Studying progesterone in camels, with their unique reproductive physiology, requires tailored tools. This kit ensures accurate results specific to camel progesterone levels. (Available here)
  • Allopregnanolone/3a,5a Tetrahydroprogesterone ELISA Kit: Quantify allopregnanolone, a potent neurosteroid metabolite of progesterone. Explore its role in neuronal function, mood regulation, and neurological disorders. (Available here)

Beyond ELISA: Expanding the Toolkit:

  • Progesterone Receptor Antibody- PerCP: Complement your ELISA studies with flow cytometry. This specific antibody conjugated to PerCP, a fluorescent molecule, allows visualization and quantification of progesterone receptor expression on cell surfaces. (Available here)

And others are available on

Why Choose ELISA Kits?

  • High Sensitivity: Detect minute quantities of progesterone and its receptors in biological samples.
  • Specificity: Target analytes of interest with minimal interference from other molecules.
  • Versatility: Analyze a wide range of samples, from cell lysates to serum.
  • User-Friendly: Streamlined protocols ensure efficient and reproducible results.

Elevate Your Research with Genprice store

These ELISA kits and antibodies empower researchers to delve into the fascinating world of progesterone. Investigate its diverse functions, explore intricate interactions with receptors, and unveil its role in various physiological and pathological processes. 

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