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Acumedia® and Lab M® Brands Become Neogen Culture Media
Neogen Develops Superior Chromogenic Media for Salmonella
Neogen acquires UK-based Quat-Chem
Neogen Develops Sensitive Solution to Detect Listeria spp., L. mono
Lab M Launches MMGA Pre-Poured Media Plate
Lab M now offers full range of European Pharmacopoeia media
Lab M gains ISO 17025 accreditation from UKAS
Neogen acquires U.K. based Lab M Holdings
Meet New Industry Standards with Lab M’s New Pre-poured Plates for Legionella
Lab M launches NutriTone™ - cost-efficient premium peptones for cell culture applications
Launch of Captivate™ O91 strengthens Lab M’s IMS range for Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli (STEC)
Lab M’s campylobacter toolkit supports food industry in wake of Food Standards Agency report
New appointments extend customer offering at Lab M
Ready to reconstitute BPW adds convenient option to support high throughput Salmonella testing
Lab M meets with Earl Howe and Lord Kakkar at Arab Health
Lab M adds Cronobacter Sakazakii Isolation Medium to Pinnacle™ poured plates range
Microbiology specialist Lab M to showcase quality, convenient culture media at Arab Health 2015
Convenience and ISO formulation are key to Lab M’s µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC) success
Lab M will demonstrate convenient new approaches to microbiological culture media at Medica 2014
Lab M’s new website offers improved route to microbiology resources
New addition to Pinnacle™ pre-poured plates
Lab M extends range with launch of µPrep™ Half Fraser Broth ISO
Launch of Captivate™ O45 adds eighth product to Lab M’s IMS range
Lab M extends prepared media offering with launch of Pinnacle™
Product Guide available as digital flip book or pdf download
Lab M shows latest microbiology products at Arab Health 2014
Lab M’s new selective Listeria Express Enrichment broth
Lab M appoints Director of Sales & Marketing
New Iron Sulphite Agar for detection of thermophilic anaerobes

ISO specified Listeria medium from Lab M
Increased options for customers as Lab M introduces credit card payment facilities
New Fraser BrothPLUS improves choice
Culture media assure adequate disinfection
Lab M solutions for rapid, sensitive isolation of E. coli O157
Lab M awarded supplier status by NHS National Services Scotland
Lab M culture media for Clostridium difficile
Welcome to the new look Lab M website
Lab M appoints new distributor in Germany
Lysine Agar - in great demand!
Smart QA Proficiency Testing Scheme - Improved for 2007!
Lab M Fraser BrothPLUS – improving Listeria isolation
The Impact of ISO on Culture Media
Lab M's bacterial magnetism
Lab M supporting food microbiology events
Lab M for Listeria
Lab M launches ISO compliant Baird-Parker Medium
Gold standard Fastidious Anaerobe Agar from Lab M
New 'Technical Downloads' section extends Lab M website
Lab M offers range of Campylobacter culture media
Lab M showcases wide range of DCM at Medica 2007
Lab M launches ISO Nutrient Agar
BLEBPLUS a key product in Lab M’s Listeria range
New laboratory at Noon Products relies on Lab M culture media
On the road with Lab M!
Lab M extends SMART QA Proficiency Testing Scheme for food industry to labs outside the UK
Microbiology in Colour
Lab M media for Clostridium perfringens enumeration and identification
S. aureus isolation with Lab M Baird-Parker medium
Rapid Salmonella detection with MSRV medium from Lab M
Campylobacter culture from Lab M
Colourful theme for new Lab M ‘Mini-cat’
Legionella isolation medium used for water samples
Lab M welcomes new distributors to worldwide team
Convenient results summary for Lab M’s SMART QA Proficiency Testing Scheme
Lab M offers specific media solutions for brewing
Lab M culture media for Clostridium difficile
New medium for presumptive E. coli enumeration in milk
Lab M launches new media for Cronobacter sakazakii isolation
Lab M’s Listeria range supports food safety
Lab M’s ‘one-stop sakazakii shop’ launches at Medica
Lab M instigates cultural exchange in Budapest
Lab M installs a Gericke cone mill
New Lab M ‘minicat’ focuses on Cronobacter sakazakii
Lab M media on show at ArabLab
Lab M continues to expand distributor network
Staphylococcus aureus isolation with Lab M Baird-Parker medium
Lab M broth lights up E. coli in milk
Lab M’s Harlequin™ chromogenic media for Listeria isolation
Lab M - Listeria enrichment for traditional culture and ELISA procedures
Bacterial resistance is futile - Lab M’s Captivate enhances immunomagnetic separation
Lab M C. sakazakii range supports all ISO Isolation protocols
Lab M offers SMART, cost effective proficiency testing
Senior appointment to Lab M export sales team
Harlequin CSA-DFI launch completes Lab M’s C. sakazakii range
Lab M focuses on ISO compliant and chromogenic media at food industry rapid methods seminar
Lab M’s Campylobacter culture
Lab M up close
Easy as ABC...
Lab M media selectively identify Clostridium perfringens
Lab M and Labema Oy celebrate a 20 year partnership
Lab M’s complete microbiological culture for breweries
Lab M’s VCC supplement integral to E. coli O157 isolation
Challenge your disinfection procedures with Lab M’s neutralising media
Lab M medium selects verocytotoxin producing E. coli O26
Lab M’s Sakazakii Solutions take centre stage at Medica
Lab M range can help food manufacturers buck listeriosis trend
Testing the water with Lab M
Microbiology specialist Lab M hails exhibition success
New year, new look for Lab M’s Harlequin™ chromogenic media
Salmonella spotting with Lab M’s specialist media
Lab M spoils its customers so their foodstuffs don’t!
Lab M media selectively detects E. coli O26 strain
Lab M’s Enterococci media now cover wide range of applications
Lab M media for monitoring fungi in foods
Lab M’s exhibit at SfAM Spring Meeting reflects ongoing concern about gastrointestinal infections
Lab M and Biogenetics celebrate two decades together
New issue of Lab M 'minicat' available on request!
Lab M’s Harlequin™ TBGA chromogenic medium allows simple enumeration of E. coli
Lab M to exhibit at key microbiology meetings: SfAM & Campden BRI’s rapid microbiological methods
Lab M’s new MacConkey Agar homes in on Enterococci
Lab M’s Brazier CCEY agar isolates and differentiates C. difficile
Lab M offers range of microbiological media for water testing
Lab M and bioTRADING celebrate business success
Concentrating on Campylobacter
New Lab M media help in tackling fungal food spoilage
All options covered with Lab M’s C. sakazakii media range
Lab M MacConkey Agar No.2 clearly distinguishes Enterococci
High five for Lab M at Medica 2010
Hotter than a Christmas mince pie
Lab M’s new Clostridia medium helps detect faecal contamination
Lab M kicks off 2011 conference programme at SfAM Winter Meeting
New media on show as Lab M looks forward to HuLST Expo in Cologne
Lab M adds their new Modified Giolitti and Cantoni Broth (ISO) to culture media range
Lab M offers new boost to Microbiologists
Breaking the mould?
Lab M grows its range of ISO media for staphylococci
Listeria culture media from Lab M suit variety of testing protocols
E. coli O157 - too important to miss
Lab M appoints Akralab S.L. as distribution partner in Spain
10 things you should know about E.coli
Enumerating E. coli and coliforms with dual chromogenic medium
Capturing E. coli for faster detection
Lab M’s all new information-rich website
Searching out spores?
Senior appointment expands Lab M export sales team
Lab M meets the Salmonella challenge
From nuts and spice to food on ice!
Evolving markets in raw milk emphasise need for routine testing
Test your melons! Lab M culture media efficiently detect listeria
Explore new perspectives with Lab M at MEDICA 2011
Choose your medium!
Exciting times ahead for Lab M - new Mini-Cat available now
Specific Salmonella detection with new XLT4 Agar
Who needs elves?
Lab M culture media supports comprehensive food testing
New Managing Director for Lab M
New Lab M technical manual now available
Captivate™ accelerates isolation of strains of E .coli
New HQ for Lab M heralds exciting phase in company’s development
Lab M completes move to new HQ
Counting Enterobacteriaceae with Lab M
Lab M quickly exploits new manufacturing facility
Lab M adds six new distribution partners to growing network
Lab M shows off new capabilities at Medica 2012
New Captivate™ O104 is first for isolation of E.coli O104
New MRS Agar (ISO) extends Lab M’s range for lactic acid bacteria
Christmas time yeasts, moulds and wine
New Vibrio enrichment medium meets ISO standards
Lab M adds extensive water industry experience to senior team
Lab M reaps rewards of continual investment in quality
Lab M hosts meeting of ERAM at new HQ
New Captivate™ O121 extends Lab M immunomagnetic separation range
New UK Key Account Managers for Lab M
Lab M to exhibit at Campden BRI's Rapid Microbiological Methods
Lab M launches µPREP™ Buffered Peptone Water (ISO)
Lab M celebrates successful launch of new product line
New Video Shows Use of Lab M's new µPREP™ Media Format
Lab M will introduce IMS range extension at Lab Innovations
Lab M to showcase µPREP™ and Captivate™ O121 at Medica 2013