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Pinnacle™ Legionella GVPC Medium (ISO)

Product Code: PIN008

Pinnacle™ Legionella GVPC Medium (ISO)
(Glycine Vancomycin Polymyxin Cycloheximide)

Glycine Vancomycin Polymyxin Cycloheximide (GVPC) agar is a medium recommended by ISO 11731:2017 for the isolation of Legionella and estimation of their numbers in water samples. The medium is identical to Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract (BCYE) agar except for the addition of the four selective compounds.

Yeast extract provides sources of nitrogen, carbon and vitamins. Activated charcoal neutralises toxic metabolic by-products and ACES and potassium hydroxide buffer the media to the optimum pH. L-Cysteine and Iron (III) pyrophosphate are essential growth factors and α-Ketoglutarate stimulates growth. Glycine and the three antibiotics provide effective selectivity against non-target organisms and agar is the gelling agent. This medium conforms to the formulation and performance requirements of ISO 11731:2017.

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