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Microgen Listeria latex confirmation assay

Product Code: F48

A unique rapid test for the confirmatory identification of Listeria spp. from colonies on agar plate media. Listeria spp. are commonly found in soil and are transferred onto vegetable matter. Foods either derived from vegetables or which are derived from grazing animals and which are exposed to minimal processing i.e. dairy products, are the most common vector for the transmission of Listeria spp. to humans. A total of 6 species have been recognised to date including Listeria monocytogenes which has been associated with human disease. L. monocytogenes is an opportunistic pathogen in that it will only cause disease in people with certain predisposing factors such as the immunosuppressed and pregnant women.

Once colonies have been isolated on agar plates, the next stage requires that any colonies resembling Listeria spp. are tested to confirm that they belong to that genus. Other organisms may be isolated from food samples which may resemble Listeria spp. To confirm the presence of Listeria spp. a number of tests are normally used including aesculin hydrolysis, oxidase, catalase, motility (differential at 25°C and 37°C).

Microgen Listeria latex was developed as an alternative to this battery of tests. Although individually these tests are inexpensive, they are time consuming to perform. The use of a simple latex agglutination test provides a real-time 2 minute test for the confirmation to genus level of Listeria spp. Conventional culture methods for Listeria spp. rely on a combination of enrichment and selective media to achieve satisfactory growth of the organism These conventional methods are time consuming and result in unnecessary delays in releasing product from quarantine. Microgen Listeria can be used to obtain rapid, presumptive-positive results from selective media thus giving an early indication of a failure in the production process. Where standard methods require it, Microgen Listeria can be used to screen colonies before full biochemical identification and can replace traditional agglutinating antibody methods.


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