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Our Legionella media is fantastic!
But don't just take our word for it...

Our ISO formulated Legionella media has been developed for the detection and isolation of Legionella spp., offering maximum recovery of target organisms and inhibition of background flora in environmental water samples.

High Quality

Our Legionella media is manufactured using the highest quality raw ingredients and undergoes stringent QC checks following the requirements of ISO11730:2017 and the methodology of ISO 11133:2014. This ensures conformance and the best possible product.

Our experienced QC team have over 40 years combined expertise in the laboratory and carry out on average 140 tests per month, going over and above the specified acceptance criteria for each formulation. We also trend results against previous batches, to ensure consistent batch-to-batch and reproducible results.

Our Legionella media for GVPC and BCYE is available in both Dehydrated Culture Media (DCM) and pre-poured plate formats.

We can now ship our pre-poured plates to many European destinations!
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Our Legionella GVPC and BCYE ready to use pre-poured plates can save valuable preparation and cleaning time within your laboratory. Due to the charcoal component within this media, it can be challenging and inconvenient to produce in-house as it requires a deep clean of your preparator following manufacture. Our pre-poured plates also ensure homogeneity of the charcoal.

For more information on any of our microbial culture media for Legionella, or to arrange a trial simply contact us today!

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