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Peptones are often used in mammalian cell culture as substitutes, or supplements to amino acids, bovine serum or foetal calf serum. Doing so can reduce raw material costs, increase yields of expressed proteins and minimise levels of unwanted cell necrosis products in the supernatant.

Therefore, the use of peptones in vaccine manufacturing can enhance process efficiencies in a highly competitive market. Lab M’s NutriTone™ range of peptones are carefully selected and QC tested specifically for use in mammalian cell culture. They are routinely tested for endotoxins, cell growth and proliferation to ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility. Additionally, all of the peptones Lab M employs to manufacture its entire product portfolio are sourced from countries free from BSE.

Lab M has a considerable history in the industry, providing peptones for biotechnological applications for more than 30 years. The successful application of Lab M peptones in vaccine manufacturing dates back to 1985 and the establishment of the International Vaccine Bank for Foot and Mouth Disease at the Institute for Animal Health in Pirbright, UK. While you should always validate a peptone in your own process, NutriTone™ peptones come with the added assurance that they have passed Lab M’s stringent QC criteria. Each batch of NutriTone ™ peptone is tested to ensure that its endotoxin level is below 4 EU/mL for a 20g/L solution.

Lab M’s NutriTone™ range currently contains four peptones based on a meat source, caesin source or a blend, and has a suffix to illustrate the enhanced QC testing. Each is available in a range of volumes; 5kg, 10 kg and 25kg.

Refer to Intended Use Statement on product specification

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