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Product Notifications

NCM White Cap Notification

Important Information: Caps on 500g Culture Media Pots

As you may have seen in previous notifications we are in the proce .. read more

Lab M Logo

Important Information: Changes to CE and IVD Marking

We have recently reviewed the CE and IVD marking on all relevant pro .. read more

Lab M Logo

Update to Cronobacter spp. media and subsequent discontinuation of LAB081, HAL012 and PIN003


Culture Media Product Discontinuation

After a careful review of the Lab M product lines, we have decided to remove the pr .. read more

LAB086 Notification 0418

Important Information: LAB086 (RVS)

This product notice relates to LAB086 LOT 201414. .. read more

Lab M logo

Change in Fill Volume: Egg Yolk Emulsion X575

We have received a number of requests from customers to increase our fill v .. read more

Lab M

LAB079 W.L. Nutrient Agar: Lot 150612

Lot 150612 .. read more

LAB110 Hektoen Enteric Medium Lot 150467

Lot 150467 .. read more