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Lab M - Up Close

Well known for its multi-coloured chromogenic media, Lab M believes in complete transparency when it comes to doing business.

‘Lab M – up close’ is a new addition to the company literature and gives a concise, view of what the company can do for its customers, illustrating how Lab M’s experience and expertise add value in the delivery of microbiological culture media.

“As with any process that involves the use of natural raw materials, manufacturing microbiological culture media can be challenging,” explains Lisa Green, Product Manager at Lab M. “However, with their combined experience amounting to several decades, the Lab M team has great expertise and works within the strict quality protocols needed to produce the robust and reliable products that our customers have come to expect.”

The new ‘Up-close’ flyer explains just how Lab M’s scientists and business experts turn the art of product development into the science of manufacturing consistent products.

To see a copy of the lfyer, simply click the pdf link below.

Article first published : 15/7/2009