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Immunomagnetic separation an introduction

In microbiology there has been much progress in developing rapid methods and automation for the isolation, early detection, characterisation and enumeration of organisms. One technique contributing to their development is that of immunomagnetic separation.

Rapid methods have been of interest to medical microbiologists since the 1960s, and more recently have been utilised for food and other industrial applications. For the food microbiologist, the primary goals are to reduce the time required for total viable counts and to quickly achieve a presumptive negative for pathogens. One technique contributing to the development of rapid methodologies is that of immunomagnetic separation (IMS). This sophisticated sorting process can be used for the concentration, isolation and/or purification of microorganisms, cells, molecules and organelles from samples. It saves considerable amounts of time by allowing the omission of part of the standard enrichment process that is necessary when using conventional culture techniques alone.

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Article first published : 30/6/2007