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Culture methods time line

Microbiology targets food safety

As producers and retailers source materials around the world, ensuring the microbiologic .. read more

Lab M's Harlequin Listeria Chromogenic Agar

Listeria in the Lab

In this article Lab M’s Lisa Green takes a look at the causative organism for listeriosis and discuss .. read more

Lab M - Up Close

Well known for its multi-coloured chromogenic media, Lab M believes in complete transparency when it com .. read more

Comparison of chromogenic & non-chromogenic Listeria media.

Food microbiology - a cultured approach

The quality of a food lab’s output is not simply a matter of ‘a job well done’ - .. read more

Diagrammatic representation of a Lab M Captivate(TM) IMS bead.

Immunomagnetic separation an introduction

In microbiology there has been much progress in developing rapid methods and au .. read more

Culture media in use in the laboratory.

The impact of ISO on culture media

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has issued guidelines for the preparati .. read more

Lab M's Harlequin Salmonella ABC Medium - a chromogenic medium.

Intelligent media

Chromogenic culture media provide a rapid and accurate method of isolating and enumerating target micro .. read more