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Welcome to the new look Lab M website

We hope you find it a useful resource for all your microbiology media needs. Why have we launched this new site?

Food, clinical and industrial microbiology are all undergoing significant change – and with rapid testing and new technology pushing to the fore, we want our website to reflect these developments and provide enhanced product details and technical information in a dynamic, easy to use format.Lab M is contributing to the new wave of rapid microbiology with its Harlequin™ chromogenic media and Captivate™ immunomagnetic separation system. But we also strongly believe that traditional methods still have a central role in day to day microbiology. To this end, Lab M has a programme of reformulating media – and developing new ‘traditional’ products that bridge the old and the new. Listeria pre-enrichment media that does not interfere with downstream ELISA is a good example.Tell us what you think of the new Lab M site, email:

Article first published : 4/10/2006