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Exciting times ahead for Lab M - new Mini-Cat available now

Lab M has published the latest issue of its informative mini-catalogue. Focusing on ‘New products, new personalities and new perspectives’.

The Winter 2011 mini-cat combines the latest events and company news and looks ahead at the development of a number of new culture media products. These include XLT4 Agar, Iron Sulphite Agar and two new ISO-formulated products - MRS Agar and Alkaline Saline Peptone Water. Claim your free copy today, in print or electronically, by simply emailing:

“This has been a progressive year for Lab M during which we have developed our product portfolio, implemented a new e-commerce website, expanded both our worldwide distribution network and in-house team, and introduced many promotional materials,” said Chris Wolfenden, Marketing Communications Co-ordinator. “In addition to the latest Mini-Cat, we will also launch the new Product Guide, our 2012 calendar and the Colony Card wall hanger – an information solution designed specifically to address the needs of microbiologists working in the laboratory.”

Lab M’s Mini-Cat, Product Guide, and 2012 calendar are all available free by calling Lab M on +44 (0) 161 797 5729 or emailing

To download your free copy click here

Article first published : 18/11/2011