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Lab M’s exhibit at SfAM Spring Meeting reflects ongoing concern about gastrointestinal infections

Lab M media for monitoring fungi in foods

Fungal spoilage of food remains an important economic issue, and at the same ti .. read more

Lab M’s Enterococci media now cover wide range of applications

The addition of Bile Aesculin Agar to Lab M’s range of med .. read more

Lab M media selectively detects E. coli O26 strain

The recent closure of Feltham Hill Nursery and Infant School in Hounsl .. read more

Lab M spoils its customers so their foodstuffs don’t!

Lab M ensures that its customers are spoiled for choice when it com .. read more

Salmonella spotting with Lab M’s specialist media

Ongoing demand for accurate methods to both isolate and identify Salmon .. read more

New year, new look for Lab M’s Harlequin™ chromogenic media

Lab M’s growing range of chromogenic culture media for the is .. read more

Microbiology specialist Lab M hails exhibition success

The team at microbiology specialist Lab M is celebrating the comp .. read more