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Mucor racemosus on Lab M DRBC Agar

From nuts and spice to food on ice!

Lab M’s specialist range of culture media for the isolation of yeasts and moulds is .. read more

Lab M meets the Salmonella challenge

Lab M’s comprehensive and proven range of media for the isolation and culture of Sal .. read more

Senior appointment expands Lab M export sales team

Harnek Singh, a microbiologist with extensive commercial experience, .. read more

Searching out spores?

Lab M’s water testing medium meets ISO criteria .. read more

Lab M’s all new information-rich website

Lab M’s all new website includes on-line purchasing facility .. read more

Capturing E. coli for faster detection

With the rapid isolation and identification of verocytotoxigenic strains of Esche .. read more

Enumerating E. coli and coliforms with dual chromogenic medium

With its applications in industrial, food and dairy enviro .. read more

10 things you should know about E.coli

E.coli is at the forefront of the scientific media following the recent outbreaks .. read more