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Lab M culture media supports comprehensive food testing

A recent spate of food product recalls highlights the continued n .. read more

Who needs elves?

As the seasonal holiday period rushes towards us, if you need microbiology media in a hurry remember to .. read more

Salmonella Enteritidis on Lab M LAB221 XLT4 Agar

Specific Salmonella detection with new XLT4 Agar

XLT4 Agar for effective monitoring in the presence of competing organism .. read more

Exciting times ahead for Lab M - new Mini-Cat available now

Lab M has published the latest issue of its informative mini- .. read more

Choose your medium!

Following a successful year, microbiology specialist Lab M will be exhibiting its flourishing portfol .. read more

Explore new perspectives with Lab M at MEDICA 2011

Explore new perspectives with Lab M at MEDICA 2011

Meet new personalities, investigate new products, share in Lab M’s wid .. read more

Test your melons! Lab M culture media efficiently detect listeria

With a total of 23 deaths and 116 cases of listeriosis .. read more


Evolving markets in raw milk emphasise need for routine testing

Testing milk to quickly and easily detect pathogens such .. read more